Will Apple Bring the Money and the Jobs Home Now?

walmartipadToday it was announced that Apple will replace AT&T on the Dow Jones Industrial average.  This is a spec sheet from Walmart showing that the Ipad Air has no, that’s right, zero, components that are either manufactured or assembled in the U.S.  It is also well-known that Apple has over $100 billion dollars abroad which it keeps abroad in order to avoid U.S. taxes.  Apple even borrows money in the U.S. in order to avoid bringing that money home. (search: apple money abroad).  However, Apple is in the position to make that money because U.S. taxpayers have funded the universities that educate those Apple geniuses, the transportation system, the public utilities, the environmental and occupational health and safety protections, and the fire and police that make the Bay area such a nice, safe place to live and do business.  Continue reading