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“Intelligence is our medicine.” – John Trudell
Long Time Thinking - Heidegger and playdayz

Quotation from Martin Heidegger / Photograph by playdayz

Long Time Thinking is dedicated to the practice of clear, creative, reasonable, useful, powerful, compassionate, healthy, far-seeing, loving, kind, responsible, artistic, playful, respectful, poetic, serious thinking

Is it necessary to practice thinking?  Can’t everyone do that? Is it necessary to practice dancing, or the pole  vault, or skiing? Everyone can do those things too, can’t they?  Sort of.

Of course this has been philosophy from the beginning, when Socrates said that a life without such a clear-headed examination of the foundational beliefs of one’s existence was not worth living.  Descartes, too, was quite specific about his project, to doubt everything until he reached those basic beliefs that were so clear and distinct that they could not reasonably be doubted.

One thing that might be a bit different about Long Time Thinking is that, contrary to the general beliefs that philosophy has for 2,500 years been spinning its wheels, going around in circles, serving the interests of the ruling class, or making up pointless word-games, the author believes that progress has been made.

Indeed, some ideas and concepts have been illustrated and demonstrated by such clear reasoning and compelling evidence that the question is not so much anymore whether they are true but why we have not done anything about them. They are, in other words, well-enough established that we should be putting them into practice. Long Time Thinking has found perhaps five to seven such ideas and the general purpose of the blog entries is to express, examine, and explore the implications of those ideas in clear, simple, and straightforward language, for if the reasoning is that clear and the evidence is that compelling, surely they can be expressed in language that is equally so.  And what could be more important than getting clear about the most basic ideas and beliefs that form the core of our human existence in the world,   since we do” want to build our love on a firm foundation.”. Therefore, Long Time Thinking is a blog for everyone who cares about ideas that matter–no special training required.

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Full Disclosure: Long Time Thinking has some other purposes as well: 1) to provide things to think about for people who like to think; 2) to practice writing in the clear and compelling, simple and straightforward language mentioned above; 3) to take the opportunity to turn a big pile of notes into a book; and 4) to play the publishing game–for if Long Time Thinking attracts some Likes, and Shares, and Followers, then it could be easier to place the book with a decent publisher.

John Trudell, Mining Our Minds for the Machine -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GgUyZ4F7CU

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