Let Us Reason Together

President Lyndon Johnson often said, “Come let us reason together,” because he believed that the great deliberative body of the United States Congress could act in good faith to develop policies that would serve all Americans.

He passed Medicare, The Civil Rights Act, and The Voting Rights Act.

Years later, LBJ declined to seek re-election because he came to believe that his policy in Vietnam was dividing Americans.

Racist Terrorism Isn’t Great

In pursuit of votes, Republicans have become the party of the racist bigots who are still angry about the Voting Rights Act (1964) and The Civil Rights Act (1965), which ended the murderous and inhuman political and social repression of African-Americans in the South during the 80 years of Jim Crow segregation.

America’s Firm Foundation

America’s house is not built on the sand of lies and propaganda.  It is built on the firm foundation of the free exchange of reasoning and evidence, so that lies and propaganda can be discovered and exposed. It is assumed that citizens and leaders should care about the difference.