The Synchronic Mixes

musicfromearth presents The SynChronic Mixes – Eccentric and Playful Combinations of New and World Music

Synchronic Mixes are two recordings played simultaneously.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell which sounds come from which recording, which is kind of the point, to create a third object out of the original two, the same basic goal as rave and techno DJ’s, just with some different styles of music to start with. There are two significant differences between most rave and techno mixes: 1) There are only two songs (or excerpts) in each mix and they are the same length and begin and end together; 2) most of the music used would be categorized as World music or as avant-garde or experimental music (with a couple of exceptions).  The mixes were all originally done live in real time rather than with computers and digital audio editors. All mixes are by The Mirror, known here as Long Time Thinking, and elsewhere as playdayz.  Thanks to Todd, Mike, Jason, and Chris for teaching me basic mixing techniques. This variation on mixing was also invented by playdayz, as far as I know.  Please Press the Play Button to Listen to The SynChronic Mixes or click a particular track. Please Scroll the Info Window for full discographical details.



Please use the mixers below to create your own SynChronic mixes.  You can click the Play buttons and they will randomly create a new mix every time and for as long as you let them run, or you can shape the mix by clicking particular tracks.   Part of the game is having an ear for what tracks will combine in interesting ways, so if you have suggestions for music that might work, please make them in the comments and I will try to add them.  As the music is aleatoric and will never repeat, the project is dedicated to John Cage.


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